A Shadow Rising In The East

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The Story So Far
The Blue Lady

The Demon Hunters came to Himara to answer the King’s Crossing Edict. Barosh and Kava are brother and sister and both are Golden Dragonborn Paladins that devoutly serve Bahamut. Carleen Pock is a Gnomish “Druid” whose most notable achievement is creating the Fried Squirrel food chain restaurant. “Lil’ Funions” is a mysterious Tiefling Rogue looking to make the world a better place for his son. Riven is a Dwarven Eldritch Knight seeking fame and glory in the new world. Elionwy is a Human Bard seeking new inspiration for his songs.

After arriving in Himara the Demon Hunters were recruited by Magister Danforth, the governor of Stonesend and the leader of Zurian operations in the new world. The Hunters bargained passage into the nearby native village, Stormbrew, and slew a Water Demon that was poisoning Stonesend’s rivers and fishing waters. Once there, the Hunters realized that the Stormborn were not the savage tree-worshippers that the Stonesend citizens made them out to be. After returning to Stonsend for their payment Magister Danforth was assassinated by a mysterious robed figure.

They followed the address on the questionnaire and learned of the existence of a hidden assassin hideout called Barstock’s Armory. The Hunters set out to Greenhill, but on the way were attacked by a group of Goblins armed with Zurian weapons. The group was nearly defeated, but was rescued by a native spirit named Nan Pei. They learned of eight Sprit Guardians: Bai Lu, the White Stag, Yujin, the Dragon King, Jang Shu, the Dust Elephant, Hu Kong, the Frothing Tiger, Jiao Ja, the Metal Bear, Guan Su, the Red Crane, Nan Pei, the Black Mantis, and Sun Lao, the Golden Monkey. These spirit guardians are powerful demi-gods created by the ancient gods that now roam Himara acting as protectors of the people. Nan Pei departs but leaves behind a small wooden carving of a crane.

The party continues along the road to Greenhill, the largest nearby native city when they see a traveler with a broken wagon named Simon. Barosh invites Simon to ride with the Hunter to Greenhill, and once there Simon introduces them to Warchieftess Sama. Sama offers the Hunters her commendation if the Demon Hunters expel the goblin threat from an ancient Stormborn castle: Kakackle. Simon asks that the Hunters retrieve two items stolen from him by the goblins – a family heirloom sword and a banana from the sacred grove of Sun Lao.

The Hunters infiltrate Kakacle and find a Stormborn prisoner there named Rutgor. Barosh and Riven sense powerful demon magic from Rutgor, so the Dwarf fires a bullet at the prisoner. The bullet is stopped midair after hitting an invisible magical shield and Rutgor reveals himself to be an ex-member of a group of assassins called the Shadow’s Sword. This organization uses the powers of demons to imbue themselves with powerful abilities. Rutgor leaves to look for his family and the Hunters press deeper into the castle.

The Hunters defeat the Goblin King Krazz and retrieve the magical sword and sacred fruit. Simon magically teleports himself to the Hunters and reveals himself to be Sun Lao, the Golden Monkey and the Eighth Seat of the Spirit Guardians. Sun Lao was looking to judge the actions of the new Zurian colonists and has judged the Demon Hunters as brave and just. The Hunters take some of the treasure stolen from the Goblins and Barosh finds an odd book wrapped in chains.

On the way back to Greenhill Barosh accidentally activates the magical book and is transformed into a Black Dragonborn Death Cleric named Rohgar. Rohgar is an escapee of the Shadow’s Sword and hid his soul in the journal found by Barosh. Rohgar has forgotten most of his memories, but remembers that Barstock’s Armory is somewhere in Greenhill.

One the Hunters find Barstock’s Armory they learn that the assassin who killed Magister Danforth was named Kobu, and that the assassins have fled back to a place called “The Isle.” The Hunters are attacked by a demon chained up in the Armory and Rohgar transforms back into Barosh when he is bloodied.

The Hunters return to Greenhill to find that Magister Danforth’s old assisstant, the Gnome Littlebridge, has assumed control of Stonesend. Magister Littlebridge has constructed a large wall outside of Stonesend using captured Stormborn slaves as laborers.

Chancellor Geralt Fairmont soon arrives in Stonesend and arranges a meeting with the Stormborn Chieftess to prevent an all-out war. During the meeting, Fairmont betrays Littlebridge and


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